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06. April 2020, Koblenz

Telematics Infrastructure – start of installations for field testing of the new KIM communications standard

Start of installations for field testing of the new KIM communications standard

Koblenz. The new KIM communications standard is about to undergo testing at 50 doctor’s surgeries, 16 dental practices, four Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen) and one hospital. gematik has now issued CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG (CGM) with the necessary approval for this field test of KIM to take place, and installation works at the participating institutions commenced last week. One of the aspects to be covered will be the exchange of secure and signed doctor’s letters between the various establishments.

Many doctors and their surgery staff face a recurrent problem. Letters sent by medical colleagues are either nowhere to be found, or else the quality of faxed documents is too low to enable them to be correctly deciphered. And yet the information contained happens to be urgently needed for a patient consultation and further treatment. Then there is all the time and trouble associated with printing out forms and sending these out by post to physicians responsible for providing ongoing care. But all of this information is already stored in the doctor information system, and it is also obvious that the recipient party will require the data in digitalized form. The consequence is that documents are prepared, printed, dispatched and scanned time and time again before being drawn up once more. This creates an interminable cycle and places an avoidable workload on surgeries which are operating at maximum capacity in any case. The new KIM communications standard (a German acronym for “Communications in the Medical System”) will help to achieve a fundamental improvement in this very area in future.

KIM facilitates accessible, authentic and confidential communication between all participants in the Telematics Infrastructure (TI). Messages and medical documents can be signed via the Digital Doctor’s ID or the Secure Module Card (SMC-B) before being securely shared in an encrypted e-mail. Transmission of electronic doctor’s letters will be the first application made available. A further objective is for KIM to serve as a vehicle for the electronic delivery of certificates of incapacity for work, treatment and cost plans, other forms, medical findings, notices, bills and X-rays.

This new communications standard is now to be tested with immediate effect by doctors, dentists and Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians as well as at one hospital. Work is taking place in close conjunction with the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and with its counterparts in the states of Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Necessary installation works have commenced last week. These are being performed by specially trained and certified technicians from CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG (CGM). CGM has become the first provider to receive the necessary authorization to pilot KIM by conducting field testing. “KIM is a further specialist TI application that will soon be offering direct added value to service providers,” said Dr. Eckart Pech, the CGM Management Board member with responsibility for Consumer and Health Management Information Systems. “KIM will make it easier for all stakeholders involved in the medical treatment process to exchange information. It will also speed up this networking and above all make it more secure. Approval and the launch of the installations represent an important step along the pathway of making this new form of communication within the medical system available to all our customers and partners.”

KIM is capable of use by any doctor or dentist information system, all dispensing chemist administration systems and every hospital information system with an e-mail function and a conventional e-mail application in place. KIM works in the background to encrypt and sign e-mails automatically. Once the field test has been successfully concluded, an update will be sent to all users deploying a CGM information system.

About CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG

CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG is a subsidiary of CompuGroup Medical SE, a worldwide leading eHealth company. Almost every second doctor in Germany already works with one of the market leading ambulatory and dentist information systems such as CGM ALBIS, CGM M1 PRO, DATA VITAL, CGM MEDISTAR, CGM TURBOMED, CHREMASOFT, and CGM Z1 on a daily basis. CGM PRIVATE is available especially for private doctors. CGM Deutschland AG also offers perfect solutions for efficient and secure eHealth management for medical care centers, social facilities, laboratories, as well as specialist and rehabilitation clinics. With the WINAPO® system and other solutions, CGM LAUER provides pharmacies with modern, networked software that strengthens the pharmacist's advisory role, improves patient safety, and helps to save time and costs.

With CGM LIFE, a health platform is made available with which a new kind of intersectoral communication between service providers and patients is made possible. CGM LIFE also offers health services to maintain your health, to become healthy, or to manage your health. CGM also offers a complete product range of gematik-approved components and services for the Telematics Infrastructure (TI) – from connectors and VPN access services to eHealth card terminals.

The products and services of CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG stand for intelligent and comprehensive communication and connectivity solutions and connect doctors of all disciplines, hospitals, pharmacies, social institutions, and payers. TELEMED, as the marketleading SafeNet provider of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, offers participants in the healthcare sector a platform which is data compliant for online communication- in future also as part of the Telematics Infrastructure. Instruments for efficient contract and supply management and software solutions for optimizing administrative processes also open up new ways to achieve a considerable savings potential.

The common feature of all products in the portfolio of CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG is cross-sector and secure communication which is compliant with data protection. With our technologies, a networking of the participants of the German healthcare system is already possible today.

About CompuGroup Medical SE

CompuGroup Medical is one of the leading eHealth companies in the world. With a revenue base of MEUR 746 in 2019, its software products are designed to support all medical and organizational activities in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals. Its information services for all parties involved in the healthcare system and its web-based personal health records contribute towards safer and more efficient healthcare. CompuGroup Medical’s services are based on a unique customer base of more than 1 million users, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other health professionals in inpatient and outpatient facilities. With locations in 18 countries and products in 56 countries worldwide, CompuGroup Medical is the eHealth company with one of the highest coverage among eHealth service providers. More than 5'600 highly qualified employees support customers with innovative solutions for the steadily growing demands of the healthcare system.

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