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08. November 2018, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical SE announces results for third quarter of 2018

CompuGroup Medical SE (CGM) today announced its financial report for the third quarter of 2018. With a turnover of EUR 166 million, the company could achieve organic growth of 20 percent compared to the same period last year (EUR 138 million). EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) amounted to EUR 37 million compared to EUR 28 million in the third quarter of 2017, with the operating margin rising from 20 to 22 percent.

One of the core areas remains the introduction of telematics infrastructure (TI). After CGM had invested a high double-digit million amount in research, development, and the technical and organizational preparation of the nationwide rollout of the TI in recent years, its launch is proceeding according to plan with a total of more than 38,000 orders and more than 34,000 deliveries by the end of the third quarter. With the telematics infrastructure, CGM SE is pursuing its long-term strategy of consistently driving forward the networking of all those involved in the healthcare sector.

Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup Medical SE, emphasizes: "Nobody should suffer or die in the worst case, just because medical information is missing at some point. This is what CGM stands for at all times and this is what our actions in the first three quarters of this year once again stood for. To achieve this important goal, special efforts have been required at all levels in healthcare.

This applies not only to the information systems with which we support the health professionals in doctors' and dentists' offices, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, and many more in their important work on a daily basis. It particularly applies to the solutions for networking these systems, so that the health professionals can optimally accompany their entrusted people on their patient journeys. Last but not least, it applies to the electronic health records; With their help, everyone can jointly and effectively benefit from the best care.

We have accepted this effort, as well as the responsibility, to a great extent, in order to further develop the overdue networking of those involved in the provision of healthcare. Thus, the work on our ambitious goal - the introduction of the telematics infrastructure (TI) - is proceeding according to plan. Together with our partners, our dedicated employees prove on a daily basis that it is possible to reliably connect every doctor - whether in the doctor's or dental office or in the hospital - to the TI, regardless of the information system used.

We are firmly convinced that in this way we are making a significant contribution to supporting the introduction of the electronic health record (eHR) and to putting healthcare in Germany at the appropriate top position, also with regard to digital health."

CompuGroup Medical confirms the forecast for the 2018 fiscal year published in its 2017 annual report. The company expects consolidated revenues of between EUR 700 million and EUR 730 million and consolidated operating earnings (EBITDA) of between EUR 175 million and EUR 190 million.

Conference call for journalists, investors, and analysts:

The Management Board of CompuGroup Medical SE will present the results in an analyst and investor conference today at 15:00 CET.

To participate in the conference call, please dial one of the following telephone numbers and enter the participation code:

+49 (0) 69 2 22 22 90 43 (Germany)
+44 (0) 2 03 009 24 52 (UK)
+1 (0) 85 54 02 77 66 (USA)

Participation code: 66 28 70 42#

A presentation will be available at at the beginning of the conference call. You can follow the presentation live here.


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