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02. October 2018, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical strengthens its leadership

The Supervisory Board of CompuGroup Medical SE (CGM) has today created two Executive Board positions for the outpatient and inpatient healthcare sectors. Dr. Ralph Körfgen (board member for the out-patient sector) and Hannes Reichl (board member for the inpatient sector) were appointed as additional members of the Executive Board.

Dr. Ralph Körfgen will head doctor, dental and pharmacy information systems worldwide. The strategic and operational leadership of these business areas has so far been handled by Frank Gotthardt, the company founder and CEO.

Hannes Reichl will head the hospital information systems segment as well as the laboratory information systems business, where all CGM’s global activities for inpatient facilities (hospitals, rehabilitation and nursing homes, laboratories) are bundled. He has until now been responsible for the same activities as segment manager below the Executive Board level.

"This is a particularly important and big step on our way to strong growth and success," says Frank Gotthardt. "Following the tremendous development and successful internationalization of recent years, today's doctor, dental and pharmacy information systems are generating high revenues for the Group. This is the reason for the creation of a separate board position to provide leadership with an entrepreneurial personality and to guide these businesses with expertise and a high level of commitment. And above all, to capture the great growth opportunities we see for the coming years. That's what the Supervisory Board and I trust Dr. Ralph Körfgen to do.

And I am very happy to see the leadership of the inpatient sector in the proven hands of Hannes Reichl, who in recent years has created the basis for outstanding growth opportunities in the international HIS market. We have by now developed a completely new CGM Medical Cloud technology. Our new ground-breaking products CGM Clinical and CGM Health Alliance are based on this technology and we will continue to deliver tremendous advances in both utility and user experience with a strong expansion path worldwide to benefit inpatient facilities and patients."

"The strengthening of the Executive Board is also a response to the significantly larger growth opportunities we now see in the e-health sector and it enables us to act on our broad business development agenda in a focused and effective manner" says Klaus Esser, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Dr. Ralph Körfgen and Hannes Reichl take over their new functions on 01.11.2018.


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