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10. November 2017, Koblenz

Nationwide digitization in healthcare begins: CGM products receive gematik accreditation for the Telematics Infrastructure (TI)

CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG (CGM) is the first company to receive accreditation by gematik for all required products and services to connect to the Telematics Infrastructure (TI). These products and services include the primary software for doctors, dentists and hospitals as well as the connector, the VPN access service, and the e-health card terminal. From now on, CGM has all the required capabilities to connect doctor and dental practices to the new digital healthcare information highway in Germany. Many thousands of orders have already been placed for the components that have now become available for delivery.

To take advantage of the security offered by the TI network, physicians, dentists and psychotherapists need a dedicated connection package consisting of TI components and services. Before use, the required suite of products and services must be approved for use in the TI by the gematik organization. "TI provides the safest space in the world for communicating sensitive information between all stakeholders in healthcare. It not only protects the data, but also guarantees their authenticity", says Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup Medical SE. "You can, for example, in the future rely 100 percent on the fact that the sender of a doctor's letter is actually the doctor which he or she claims to be.” So far, referrals, discharge letters and other forms of communication are often exchanged via printed documents or via unsecured email. This often leads to multiple and redundant data entry, which again leads to high costs and errors. As a consequence, medical data can be inappropriately read, changed and deleted or sent to wrong recipients. This completely changes with the introduction of Telematics Infrastructure. In this protected network, data is not only secured against eavesdropping, theft or counterfeiting, but also authenticated with 100 percent reliability through unique technology and processes.

"The Telematics Infrastructure paves the way for the introduction of groundbreaking new e-health applications, such as Personal Health Records for all German citizens," says Uwe Eibich, CGM Executive Vice President and General Manager of CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG. The Personal Health Records (PHR) envisioned for Germany is an essential element in the digitization of the healthcare system. "It will bring together all the medical data of a person, be accessible to this person anytime and anywhere and provide a much improved information base for doctors, pharmacists, nursing services, hospitals, in short for all involved in healthcare," says Frank Gotthardt. He furthermore concludes: “The PHR is much more than just a technical solution; it puts the patient in charge of his or her health data for the first time.” That control is also what the citizens in Germany want: Eight out of ten respondents in a recent survey by Splendid Research stated that they wanted at all times to be in control of their own health data, stored or otherwise used.

Overview of approved CGM products

  • Ambulatory Information Systems: CGM ALBIS, CGM MEDISTAR, CGM M1 PRO, CGM TURBOMED
  • Dentist Information Systems: CGM Z1, CHREMASOFT, CGM HIGHDENT PLUS
  • Hospital Information System: CGM CLINICAL
  • Konnektor KoCoBox MED+
  • CGM VPN-Acces Service
  • CGM Intermediär VSDM
  • E-Health-Card Reader ORGA 6141 (ingenico)


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