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10. October 2017, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical customers are on the safe side: ambulatory, dentist and hospital information systems to receive approval for telematics infrastructure

The ambulatory and dentist information systems as well as the hospital information system provided by CompuGroup Medical SE (CGM) is approved for the productive operation of the telematics infrastructure as of now. gematik thus confirms CGM's primary systems the correct and secure response of the interface to the TI connector.

To be able to use the advantages of a secure network offered by the telematics infrastructure (TI) in due time, doctors, dentists, and psychotherapists need various TI components and services. Before using them, these have to be approved for their use in the TI by gematik. The ambulatory information systems CGM ALBIS, CGM MEDISTAR, CGM M1 PRO, and CGM TURBOMED, the dentist information systems CGM Z1, CHREMASOFT, and CGM HIGHDENT PLUS as well as the hospital information system CGM CLINICAL have now received this official confirmation by gematik. All test cases previously defined by gematik could be passed completely and correctly in the course of a test procedure. CGM's primary systems thereby meet all the requirements for the active operation of the most secure network in the healthcare system, the telematics infrastructure.

Users of a CGM primary system can thus be sure that their ambulatory, dentist, or hospital information system meets the high requirements to the functionality and authenticity. Moreover, they can be sure that their information system is future-proof for future applications.

About the gematik validation procedure

The test process and the granting of confirmation of conformity to the connector interface will be carried out by gematik (German: Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH). According to § 291a paragraph 7 S. 2 SGB V gematik shall create the regulations for an interoperable and compatible TI and to take over its structure and operation. Ensuring that the products and services offered meet the applying requirements regarding functionality, interoperability, and security as well as accessibility of production is one of the tasks included. Only after having taken part and passing the test process successfully, may an ambulatory, dentist, or hospital information system officially be used in connection with the TI components.


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