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10. February 2017, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical Is Revolutionizing Hospital IT

Cross-sector. Patient-centered. Cost-effective.

With CGM CLINICAL, CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is launching a cutting-edge hospital information system (HIS) by combining its decades-long process expertise with the latest technologies. For the first time, CGM CLINICAL allows the interdisciplinary cooperation of hospitals along the entire patient care chain. Basic system properties enable existing intersectoral boundaries to be overcome once and for all. Considering each individual treatment process, the solution provides an integrated resource management and optimization, in which all medical, nursing and administrative processes are coordinated according to needs. The software therefore makes a measurable value contribution to improved cost-efficiency in hospitals – and this with a sophisticated evolution strategy that does not require major migration projects. CGM's home market will be the first to benefit from the soon globally deployable CGM CLINICAL.

CGM CLINICAL – Nonstop Healthcare

"With the availability of CGM CLINICAL, our goal of a centrally developed HIS for global use will become reality. With this step, we come full circle to a comprehensive and patient-oriented networking of health institutions. This comprehensive networking of outpatient and inpatient healthcare facilities – facilitated by CGM CLINICAL – is today the crucial basis for optimal patient care. Thanks to its unique international reach in the outpatient supply markets, CGM is perfectly positioned situation to deliver the best possible information and services for effective and efficient patient care,” says Hannes Reichl, responsible for the HIS division at CGM. “Our extensive experience has enabled us to implement central customer processes in CGM CLINICAL in a highly innovative, future-proof way. This is a milestone for our hospital business and the entire CGM.”

Efficient Resource Management for More Efficiency in Hospitals

"Traditional IT solutions in hospitals typically show their weaknesses when it comes to the complex integration of different planning systems and the lack of service orientation in today's HIS applications. This has prompted us to develop a completely new clinical information system and bring it to the market step by step," says Thomas Simon, Area Vice President at CGM Clinical Germany.

The decisive benefit of CGM CLINICAL is a continuous resource control and optimization that takes the treatment processes as a starting point. This enables the hospital management to improve the cost control processes. The process optimization will give doctors and nurses more valuable time for treating their patients in the future.

“Up to now, resource planning and control and also simple appointment planning are managed in separate planning tools. Labor-intensive and time-consuming coordination activities to clarify the availability of skilled workers, material, premises or other infrastructure are therefore unavoidable. High planning costs, sub-optimal resource utilization and long waiting times for patients are the result. CGM CLINICAL supports and automates all planning cycles, especially for the short, medium and long-term optimization of the available resources. The medical outcome is increased significantly – with unchanging capacities", Simon points out a significant benefit of CGM CLINICAL.

CGM CLINICAL – The New Global HIS Suite

"With the development of the global hospital information system CGM CLINICAL, we are taking the leap into the top league of global HIS players. The comprehensive system is currently the only completely newly developed hospital information system in the market and offers for new customers – and especially for our more than 1,500 existing customers – a significant development opportunity. It is based on cutting-edge development tools and methods, and combines usability and performance. But above all, it is our overall approach and the associated 'ecosystem' that makes this HIS a milestone”, stresses Reichl.

Evolutionary Implementation Ensures Investment Protection

"The new CGM CLINICAL Suite enables our customers to develop their existing hospital information systems in an evolutionary way – according to their needs. The gradual additions to the basic system used today creates clear benefits for each step taken while ensuring complete investment protection for our customers. Step by step, a state-of-the-art HIS is developed – friendly to the budget and without a time-consuming large-scale project", says Reichl. "After important customer processes such as medication management, digital fever chart, nursing and surgical management, as well as mobile usage scenarios implemented with the new tech technology in recent months, other central processes will follow in the course of the current year. For example, in Germany we will offer holistic support for hospital discharge management. In Sweden, in contrast, the area of treatment planning and control, as well as the planned involvement of patients in treatment processes, are playing an important role. In addition, due to the regional management of health systems in the country, special requirements in terms of integration into highly complex infrastructures or connection to external systems. CGM CLINICAL Suite with its service-oriented integration components is therefore perfectly prepared for the task."

CGM has recently started a campaign to market CGM CLINICAL in Germany. A first overall impression of CGM CLINICAL can be gained at the conhIT 2017 in Berlin starting from 04/25/2017.


Accelerated Growth in Global HIS Business

In 2016, CGM launched an enhanced growth strategy for the strategic business unit HIS under the leadership of Hannes Reichl. Innovative, comprehensive and process-oriented hospital information systems for acute-care and rehab clinics as well as for social institutions form the "spearhead" of a comprehensive software and services portfolio for inpatient healthcare facilities. Since January 1st, 2017, the cooperation of CGM Sweden with HIS colleagues of CGM has been reinforced. This will lead in the short and medium term to an upgrade and expansion through the addition of new components to the existing products in Sweden, which today serve Sweden's healthcare regions and its more than 40,000 users. With currently around 900 employees, CGM HIS is already serving more than 1,500 hospitals and social facilities in Europe, making it one of the largest HIS vendors in the European continent.


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