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18. November 2016, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical On the way to the top in Europe with HIS

Koblenz, 18.11.2016: CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is reorganising its Hospital Information Systems (HIS) sector. Realignment across the group creates the basis for the concerted implementation of a worldwide product strategy.

Concerted power in the worldwide HIS segment

As an eHealth provider, CGM has long established itself as standing for more than just physicians’ systems. Under the leadership of Hannes Reichl, the sector for clinical health facilities now has the go-ahead for an intensified growth strategy. New comprehensive and process-oriented clinic information systems for acute care and rehabilitation clinics and also for social services form the “spearhead” of an extensive software and service portfolio. With a current total of around 800 employees, CGM HIS already serves more than 1,500 hospital and social customers in Europe and is thus one of the largest European HIS providers.

Efficient resource management for more cost-effectiveness in hospitals

A new HIS product which has been developed for international deployment over the past few years is at the core of this extended and expansive strategy. “Classical IT solutions typically fail due to the complexity of integrating different planning systems and the lack of service orientation in current HIS applications. That prompted us to develop and market a completely new kind of clinical information system”, explains Hannes Reichl, Senior Vice President HIS.

The new software generation is rigorously oriented towards acute care and rehabilitation clinics and consistently service-oriented – a clear plus factor compared to the currently predominant module-based or monolithic systems. The decisive benefit of the new workflow system is continuous resource control and optimisation based on treatment processes. This ensures better cost control. Doctors and nursing staff thus receive and have more valuable time at their disposal for treating their patients.

“Up to now, resource planning and control and even simple appointment planning were mostly done in separate planning tools which were not linked combined with a staff-intensive – mainly telephone-based – co-ordination procedure to clarify the availability of specialist staff, material, rooms or other infrastructure. Apart from needing a great deal of time and effort for planning, this also mainly leads to sub-optimal resource utilisation and correspondingly long waiting times for patients. Our new solution brings together and automates all planning cycles, above all with the short-, medium- and long-term optimisation of available resources. The medical outcome is significantly increased whilst capacities remain constant”, explains Hannes Reichl to demonstrate the decisive additional benefit of the new system.

Networking is a decisive benefit especially for hospitals

The interlinking of all parties in the healthcare system is the main focus of CGM’s strategy. For clinical facilities, digital networking plays a special part in optimising their processes. A unique portfolio has come into existence in combination with CGM’s networking solutions.

“Due to our international customer base in the physicians‘ and pharmacists‘ systems sector we can significantly improve procedures for all participants including patients. Our commitment does not end at the hospital entrance. We differ significantly here from the competition, most of which has neither access to nor expertise in primary health care. Above all in Scandinavian countries, we are already operating cross-sector central IT systems for entire regions, some with more than 40,000 users. This experience has been incorporated into our new software generation”, according to Frank Gotthardt, chief executive of CompuGroup Medical SE.


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