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20. January 2011, Koblenz

Laboratory Information System now Available on the German Market

CompuGroup Medical invests 130 million euros in the healthcare system

Koblenz, January 20, 2011: The laboratory market remains active. Business consolidations are in full swing and creating new structures: facilities are combined, tasks are outsourced. CompuGroup Medical has accepted the resulting consequences and technical demands and adapted their internationally tested and renowned Laboratory Information System to the particulars of the German market.

CompuGroup Medical AG will be investing 130 million euros in the healthcare system within the next 5 years, for the development of future-oriented products. A series of 10 articles provides information about the innovations. Part four of the series introduces the Laboratory Information System (LIS), “CGM Analytix,” to the German market.

The laboratory fusions in recent years have confronted information technology with new challenges: the lab assignments are becoming more complex and the internal units keep growing, creating even greater urgency for a flexible depiction of work processes to warrant a smooth internal and external work flow. CompuGroup Medical recognizes this need and is currently adapting their laboratory solution for the German market.

The basis for this is the Laboratory Information System CGM Analytix, which the company has already successfully utilized in several countries (Scandinavia, Russia and in Malaysia, to name a few). The proven high standard of quality and the user friendly design are the basis for marketing the system internationally.

CGM Analytix works comprehensively in all laboratory disciplines, e.g. clinical chemistry, microbiology and pathology. Numerous modules organize automated cross-departmental activities, such as the transportation of samples, communicating orders or the release of findings. In addition, CGM Analytix can flexibly be integrated into existing systems via interfaces and can quickly be connected to the automated analyzer.

The first customer in Germany is the Protestant Bethesda Hospital in Mönchengladbach; the live operation will start at the end of January. The hospital had many valid reasons to choose CGM Analytix - aside from the easy integration into the existing hospital information system (HIS), fd-klinika, the entire laboratory work flow will be optimized, requisitioned samples will be processed more promptly and with more flexibility and the external requesters will be more involved.

About CompuGroup Medical AG
CompuGroup Medical is one of the leading e-health companies worldwide. Its software products, designed to support all medical and organizational activities in doctors’ offices and hospitals, its information services for all parties involved in the healthcare system and its web-based personal health records contribute towards safer and more efficient healthcare. The services of CompuGroup Medical are based on its unique customer base of around 370,000 doctors, dentists, hospitals and networks as well as other service providers. CompuGroup Medical is the e-health company with one of the biggest coverage among e-health service providers worldwide. The company operates in 18 European countries as well as in Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and in the USA and currently employs around 3,300 people.

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