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11. June 2015, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical and the ‘Company for Telematic Applications of the Electronic Health Card (abbreviated to ‘gematik’) are demonstrating the first live application of the new telematic infrastructure at the Capital Congress in 2015. Mr. Hermann Gröhe, who is the German Health Minister, is personally convinced about the progress of the largest infrastructural project in the public healthcare system.

Capital Congress

Mr. Hermann Gröhe who is the German Health Minister, used the opportunity at the Capital Congress in Berlin to form a live impression for the first time about the functionality of the software application for the electronic health card via the testing infrastructure of the ‘Company for Telematic Applications of the Electronic Health Card’ (abbreviated to ‘gematik’ in German).

The newly developed components and services that are necessary for using the electronic electronic health card online (abbreviated to ‘eGK’ in German) had already been tried out successfully in an initial test at the end of the previous year. The consortium of CompuGroup Medical AG, ‘Strategy &’ and ‘KoCo Connector’ have already shown in a special testing environment at various trade-fairs, e.g., ‘conhIT’ that was hosted by the ‘Gesundheits-IT’ federal association (abbreviated to ‘bvitg’ in German), how the master data about insured persons can be updated on an electronic health card.

This data has now been updated for the first time via gematik’s infrastructure in the presence of Mr. Herrmann Gröhe, MdB, who is the German Health Minister. It was possible in this way to illustrate transparently and understandably how information flows in real time from the medical information system to the medical practice and up to the medical insurance company, which was the Businessman’s Medical Insurance Company (abbreviated to ‘KKH’ in German) in this case.

Prof. Arno Elmer, M.D., who is Managing Director of gematik, also appeared to be satisfied: “It is nice to be able to experience the project’s progress live, on the occasion of introducing the electronic health card here. An important prerequisite for using the extensive opportunities and possibilities of the telematic infrastructure (TI) has therefore been created, like for example exchanging the information that is relevant for treatment.”

Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup Medical AG, also emphasized: “A further decisive milestone has been reached as a result, in order to begin the online roll-out according to plan on 1st July 2016. We urgently need the telematic infrastructure and I am also relying upon all of the other participants, medical associations and medical insurance companies to take the necessary measures to ensure that the TI’s nationwide roll-out will start on time.”

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