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18. April 2011, Koblenz

Medical Data in the Cloud: safe and secure!

CompuGroup Medical develops technology for secure cloud computing

Koblenz, April 18, 2011: Cloud computing is an economically attractive way to process and store information. Depending on availability, this technology stores data in various locations on the Internet. Against this backdrop, how does medical data, which requires special protection, have to be handled? In order to allow physicians to fully benefit from the advantages of the cloud, CompuGroup Medical has developed a unique security technology that allows for utilization in conformity with the law.

Based on its economic benefits, cloud computing is becoming increasingly more popular. This type of data storage is also of interest to clinicians, but they do have to bear in mind legal stipulations, handling personal data is subject to the safety requirements of the Data Protection Act, especially the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). If the data are medical in nature, they are also subject to the stricter requirements of the penal code (StGB), as well as the Social Code (SGB).

Against the backdrop of currently popular software architecture, physicians may in principle not use external data centers or practice cloud computing. The reason for that are the currently existing, insufficient safety mechanisms. Anyone who does employ a conventional system to use the advantages of external data storage and processing for personal medical data may potentially even run afoul of the law.

CompuGroup Medical has recognized this situation and developed a security technology that adheres to the stipulated data protection; with its technical data theft protection, vita-X technology enables the use of external data centers as well as cloud computing, in conformity with the law. Physicians and patients keep sovereignty over the data, without having to rely on sovereignty over the storage location and with this physicians are finally able to externally store medical data and also fully enjoy the economical advantages of modern cloud computing.

Vita-X technology is based on the approach to remove personal information from data and to restore it only when the data are recalled. The data are protected from unauthorized access to plain text and the entirety of the data cannot be hacked with technical means. Physicians and patients are not at risk.

This unique degree of security is only available to those who work with the cloud systems belonging to CompuGroup Medical. The vita-X technology is a standardized integration in all systems and is already being utilized in SAM Diabetes and CGM Life. Additional cloud modules are in the process of development, for example cloud security architecture for doctor information systems.

Overall, by using vita-X technology, in the future physicians will be able to communicate in a simpler and more secure manner with each other or with their patients. It will be easier to send medical reports or to create physician networks. This new technology also offers additional ongoing advantages: local storage is no longer required, meaning administrative efforts such as updating of the software, back-ups and maintenance will be a thing of the past.

With CompuGroup Medical’s security procedures, physicians are able to responsibly use cloud computing. This cost-effective alternative also keeps more money in their pocket, and thanks to the improved data exchange, the entire healthcare system benefits.

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