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02. September 2011, Koblenz

Physicians and Bahr in Agreement?

CompuGroup Medical is conducting a representative survey about the GOÄ (fee schedule for physicians) reform.

Koblenz, September 02, 2011: The fee system has been changed in several steps since 2009,with the goal of performance-based reimbursement. The Federal Minister of Health, Daniel Bahr, will work on the GOÄ during this legislative session. What do Germany’s physicians think about that? As a specialist in healthcare, CompuGroup Medical has surveyed them about the planned reforms.

The current survey by the CGM Health Monitor provided the following results: the GOÄ reform is absolutely essential and long overdue. That’s the opinion of 80% of physicians, concurring with the demands of the Deutscher Ärztetag (German Medical Conference). Half of the physicians (50.5%) prioritize a reimbursement that is commensurate with the expenditure of time. In addition, bundled services should be defined more clearly and services should be excluded, is what one third (31.8%) of those surveyed demand. Only one out of ten physicians (8.2%) has different concerns.

Higher income and more transparency for patients through a new GOÄ
The question what effects the physicians expect from the new GOÄ reform shows two trends: on the one hand, they hope for higher income with a performance-based reimbursement (42.0%). Almost as many physicians (39.8%) expect better comprehension by patients, since there will be no ambiguity about the service provided and 18.2% of the surveyed physicians anticipate other consequences.

Different GOÄ for private and public insurance patients
Only 36.3% of the physicians agree with the statement that a uniform fee schedule for private and public insurance patients counteracts the class distinction. The majority advocates for a separation, 63.7% emphasize that the services frequently differ and they should therefore be applied individually.

Concerning the reform, Germany’s physicians and Bahr are in agreement that some aspects still need to be resolved: 91.8% believe that the GOÄ will not be reformed that rapidly, even though it is sorely needed. Bahr, however, is much more optimistic and at the German Medical Conference, he promised that the GOÄ would be adapted to the current state of knowledge during this legislative session.

The CGM Health Monitor:
The CGM Health Monitor is a joint initiative of CompuGroup Medical, the Medical Tribune and the Rhein-Zeitung. They perform representative monthly surveys of 440 general practitioners with regard to current issues in the healthcare system. You can download free printable graphs and find publications as well as information about the representative survey at

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