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26. March 2012, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical starts international expansion of online-services

- CGM LIFE eSERVICES soon also in France, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic and the USA
- More and more German practices use online services for patient communication

Koblenz, March 26, 2012: The Internet has developed into an indispensable medium in recent years und gains more and more importance in healthcare. Almost 70 percent of physicians consider online channels as the most important marketing instrument. To make sure the advantages of technological progress also ease daily practice life, CompuGroup Medical (CGM) has developed online services for physician-patient communication. After a successful piloting phase in Germany and Austria, the CGM LIFE eSERVICES are now rolled out internationally.

Whether prescription, consultation, finding or appointment: More and more physicians and patients communicate conveniently via the practice website. Already since the beginning of the year patient registrations with systems of CompuGroup Medical have increased by 66 percent. The number of registered practices also shows a steep growth curve. One reason is the seamless integration of the CGM LIFE eSERVICES into existing ambulatory information systems (AIS). The data get into the corresponding patient index in real time or rather they are synchronized with the calendar in the AIS. This way all procedures are processed in the accustomed user interface.

„Our modern online-services find their way to the front because they satisfy the needs of both physicians and patients in the same way. They make communication paths more convenient and cheaper“ confirms Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup Medical AG. One in two Europeans uses the Internet daily or almost daily. A reason why patients increasingly welcome and use the modern online services.

After the good feedback in Germany and Austria CompuGroup Medical now also starts internationally with its online services. “Our good position regarding ambulatory information systems in Europe offers optimum preconditions for introducing our online-services in further countries“, says Gotthardt. The CGM LIFE eSERVICES are currently being tailored to the needs of the several individual markets and the legal framework in regional piloting phases. From mid of this year they will be introduced in France, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the USA.

A current survey shows: Internationally as well, more and more physicians are looking for ambulatory information systems. 31 percent of French physicians would use online services from now on. In Italy a quarter of the physicians questioned already every fourth physician is interested in the new ways of communication. They save time for the practice team and provide a convenient way of communication between patient and physician. The administration effort is considerably reduced. With the same number of personnel for example 20 percent more patients can be serviced.

The seamless AIS integration provides for a customary working process without loss of information and having to get familiar with new user interfaces. The practice team has full control of all services at all times. “I can fully recommend CGM LIFE eSERVICES“, resumes Dr Udo von den Hoff, dentist his experiences. “If you want to offer an innovative and a progressive practice you can’t get around online services on the long term. And on the long term the advantages for the patient are also the practice’s advantages.”

About CompuGroup Medical AG
CompuGroup Medical is one of the leading eHealth companies in the world. Its software products are designed to support all medical and organizational activities in doctors’ offices, pharmacies and hospitals. Its information services for all parties involved in the healthcare system and its web-based personal health records contribute towards safer and more efficient healthcare. CompuGroup Medical’s services are based on a unique customer base of over 385,000 doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies and networks as well as other service providers. With locations in 19 countries and customers in 34 countries worldwide, CompuGroup Medical is the eHealth company with one of the highest coverage among eHealth service providers. Approximately 3,600 highly qualified employees support customers with innovative solutions for the steadily growing demands of the healthcare system.

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