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22. June 2012, Koblenz

CGM Health Monitor June 2012: Physicians are not very enthusiastic about the KBV’s new AVWG catalog

Koblenz, June 22, 2012: The results of the most recent survey of the CGM Health Monitor concerning the new AVWG (Economic Optimization of Pharmaceutical Care Act) requirement specifications issued by the KBV (National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) speak loud and clear. More than two thirds (69.9%) of the 549 surveyed physicians from various areas of specializations do not believe that intrusions into medical practice programs are acceptable. The representative survey initiated by CompuGroup Medical, Medical Tribune and Rhein-Zeitung (regional newspaper) therefore reflects an unequivocal mood.

Even though the new AVWG requirement specifications concern nearly all of the German physicians, only 19.5% are familiar with the new AVWG requirements. The vast majority of those surveyed were not familiar with the changes (15.5%) and/or only heard about them (65%) without knowing the full details.

However, the high participation in the current online survey highlights the explosive nature of the new KBV guidelines regarding prescriptions and their intrusion in the customary operation of a medical practice. Two thirds of the surveyed physicians are of the opinion that the new requirements that were put into place in agreement with the health insurance funds regulate too many details and don’t find the intrusions in the operation of doctor information systems to be acceptable. In contrast, 23.9% of the surveyed physicians find it acceptable and a mere 6.2% of the physicians find it helpful.

While 46% of the medical practices would like to obtain information about these important topics from the KBV, the majority of those surveyed stated that they were informed by their software provider. Only 17.5% of the physicians felt that they had received comprehensive information from the KBV.

The CGM Health Monitor also asked the physicians to what extent they currently feel influenced when issuing prescriptions. The result: 37.9% feel that they have not been influenced by the information and the advertising that has been offered so far, while only 6.4% report that they may have been influenced. In contrast, 17.3% often perceive information and advertising as helpful.

The majority of the surveyed physicians (75.4%) are unwilling to spend money on a prescription drug database. These physicians would welcome it if prescription drug databases could be provided free of charge, financed through advertising. Only one fourth (24.6%) would be willing to spend money on it.

“The results concur with our assessment, but it is surprising how explicit they are”, commented Uwe Eibich, CEO of CompuGroup Medical Germany, on the current survey. “We will work on keeping the unavoidable burden that the new requirements of the KBV put on our doctor information systems as low as possible for our users.”

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