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27. June 2012, Koblenz

Intelligent Software: SAM Helps Doctors to Heal

- With SAM, CompuGroup Medical (CGM) presents the first proactive assistance software for general medicine and specialist practices
- SAM optimizes patient care management and interdisciplinary collaboration in the health care system
- Knappschaft Bahn See will expand SAM Diabetes starting 07/01/2012

Koblenz, 06/27/2012: With the development of the SAM technology (Software Assisted Medicine), CompuGroup Medical AG presents the first proactive assistance system as an addition to practice software. The technology assists attending physicians interactively with guideline-based and integrated patient care. A successful, ongoing pilot project with Knappschaft Bahn See using SAM Diabetes will be expanded on 01 July 2012.

SAM structures and analyses indication-relevant patient data from the doctor information system (DIS). The entire treatment process is monitored comprehensively – from the medical history to the treatment to the long-term compliance of the patients. Using medical algorithms, SAM provides guidance for diagnosis and therapy, information about medication and specialist referral recommendations. Current medical knowledge is displayed for the physician precisely when he needs it.

An important component of the proactive SAM assistance solution is the systematic, softwaresupported networking of the participants involved in the healthcare system. All indicationrelated patient data and findings are available in the DIS to attending physicians through the web. This constitutes a significant improvement in interdisciplinary cooperation without information losses. Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup Medical AG emphasized: “The high quality of the intersectoral communication between pharmacists, physicians and insurance companies under the umbrella of the highest data security standards is an important step toward the creation of a sustainable, intelligently linked healthcare system.”

The team of experts at CompuGroup Medical has also thought about the topic of security: to protect patient and physician data during electronic storage and processing the company has introduced the multi-patented vita-X technology. This exceeds by far not only the guidelines of the medical associations but also the security regulations in Germany. “With SAM we meet the physicians’ wish to communicate with other participating professional partners securely and efficiently while conserving resources,” said Gotthardt.

The Knappschaft Bahn See has recognized this and, starting July 2012, is expanding SAM Diabetes to the prosper networks in the Saarland region and in Gelsenkirchen/Gladbeck. A total of more than 8,000 diabetes patients can participate in the program.

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