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21. March 2014, Koblenz

Swiss Hospital Limmattal Optimizes Hospital Information System (HIS) with the New Next Generation Technology (G3) from CompuGroup Medical

Koblenz, March 21, 2014: For the modernization of its IT environment, the Limmattal Hospital relies on the new software generation “CGM G3 Clinical Solutions” from CompuGroup Medical AG, a leading eHealth company worldwide. Through the implementations of CGM G3 Clinical Solutions, the Swiss hospital can cost-consciously optimize and expand its current hospital information system (HIS). The implementation in Switzerland, equips the Limmattal hospital with trendsetting technology in hospital IT.

Maintain custom functionalities, protect investments and modernize in a cost-efficient manner. These were the requirements for the optimization of the HIS in the Swiss hospital Limmattal. The CGM G3 Clinical Solutions development provides an optimal solution in that it is an open and flexible system which can be integrated into existing software or dock itself to other products. The new development of CGM`s „Global Software & Services“ department offers customers such as the Limmattal hospital a long term perspective through its extensive modules, future-proof technology and high protection of investment. Since 2004, the hospital has been using CGM’s HIS solutions, such as “CGM PHOENIX”, and has built custommade complete medical solutions.

“From the outset it was clear that no exchange of the existing fully functional HIS should take place, but instead the harmonization of individual applications of hospitals as well as their modernization. Effective immediately, we will begin to complement our existing HIS modules with new, java-based CGM PHOENIX applications. Core applications for medication, care management, coding and process controlling will be completely replaced. In addition, our HIS will be complemented via CGM G3 Clinical Solutions modules from the international software company CompuGroup Medical. By 2015, we will also have implemented additional applications for planning and scheduling, so that our hospital can henceforth make use of comprehensive process controlling and complete clinical documentation”, said Thomas Brack, Director of the Limmattal hospital.

“When developing solutions such as the CGM G3 technology, CGM always focuses on its customer’s needs and custom-made products. In the case of the Limmattal hospital, it is clear that we are able to guarantee products that satisfy country requirements, are future-proof and protect investments thanks to the excellent work of our local and international CGM development teams”, said Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup Medical AG.

The Swiss Limmattal hospital operates on behalf of and under the responsibility of 13 regional municipalities and thus assumes the primary extended healthcare in the “Limmattal” and “Furttal” regions as well as other surrounding areas. In 2013, approximately 70,000 patients were treated – more than 10,500 of those in hospitals. Limmattal hospital, including the affiliated care center, has over 350 beds and nearly 1,200 employees which provide various services at a value of more than 162 million CHF per year (approx. 135.0 million euros).

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