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Questions and Answers on the current situation

31. Dezember 2021

Last updated: December 29, 2021 05:00pm CET

Are customer systems affected?

Currently we have no indications that this attack has spread to customer systems. Securing the data of our customers is our utmost priority. Investigation and forensic is still running.

Which systems are affected?

Our internal systems were affected. Currently we have no indication that it has spread wider.

When will the systems become operational again?

We don’t know yet and it depends on the specific system. Investigation is still running. Securing the data of our customers is our utmost priority.

Are CLICKDOC or CGM LIFE are affected?

Currently we have no indications that CLICKDOC and CGM LIFE are affected. We had shut down the services on Monday morning for investigations. The services are now up and running again.

Is the Telematikinfrastruktur (TI) affected?

No, TI is not affected and up and running.

Are there any software updates on customer possible currently?

We are planning to deliver the updates to all our products in time.

How can I reach the service or the hotline?

We are working hard to be able to reopen the communication channels. We set up emergency phone numbers and e-mail addresses very promptly and informed our customers about this through various channels.

Which customer services are not available?

The vast majority of our customer systems is up and running and deemed to be safe so that our customers are able to work. Currently we have no indication that the attack has impacted customer systems or customer data. The attack has affected the availability of some of our internal systems like E-Mail and telephony services. Therefore, our service and hotline availability is impacted while we gradually restore our systems.

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