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Effort for documentation in hospitals

Evidence-based medicine at your service: Software Assisted Medicine

Cloud computing for secure applications in the healthcare sector

Researchers explore the secrets to success for giving medical advice

“Exercise more.” “Eat healthier.” Do you often give such advice to your patients? Researchers have found that most people feel their self-esteem threatened when receiving suggestions on how to change their behavior.

Evidence-based medicine at your service

The entire healthcare system gathers increasingly more extensive quantities of data. As a physician, you want to accurately use the most current scientific and practical knowledge. SAM makes medical knowledge available where it is needed.

All data on hand anytime

The well-being of your patients is your daily drive. To give them the best treatment possible, you are working together with other practicing doctors and hospitals more and more. This makes it even more difficult to have all data on hand. How you are able to send data securely?

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